Bucharest Summit

Date: November 24th 2011; Duration: 1 day;
Location: Radisson Blu, Bucharest

In advance of elections in 2012, Economist Conferences are holding the Bucharest Summit to debate where the next Government’s strategic efforts should be directed and to discuss investment opportunities, as well as risks, for those operating in the Romanian market. During the debate on issues that matter, with an audience of senior executives, investors, policymakers, experts from around the world, the attendees will find out:
- what is Romania’s long-term investment potential, and which industries look most promising;
- what are the new approaches to building capacity, revenues and market share by foreign investors;
- where should the next government’s policy priorities be, in order to deliver real change and to sustain growth.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 17 November 2011 08:38