Given the rich history of the area, situated at the confluence of ancient historical regions, but also the diversity of national minorities, the cultural heritage of Galati-Braila Region is extremely rich, proved by archaeological artefacts, monasteries, museums, memorial houses and theaters scattered throughout the region, thus the tourists can visit:


  • the Natural Sciences Museum Complex of Botanical Garden (Galati);
  • the Astrological Observatory and Planetarium (Galati) - the most modern in Romania;
  • the Ethnography Museum (Braila);
  • the History Museums of Galati and Braila;
  • the Visual Arts Museum (Galati) - the first contemporary art museum in the country;
  • the Village Museum (Garboavele, Galati).

Memorial Houses:

  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza Memorial House (Galati) - very important personality of modern national history;
  • Panait Istrati (Braila) - Roman writer;
  • Perpessicius (Braila) - historian and literary critic;
  • Ana Aslan (Braila) - Romanian doctor, inventor who revolutionized the cosmetics industry;


  • Fani Tardini Theatre (Galati)
  • Nae Leonard Musical Theatre (Galati)
  • Maria Filotti Theatre (Braila)

Historical and Religious Art Monuments:

  • Fortified Church of the Holy Virgin, the oldest building in Galati
  • Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the oldest church in Braila
  • Mavromol Church, where the first schools in Galati were established;
  • Temple of Craftsmen, the only remaining synagogue in Galati.

Vestiges of the Roman Empire Period:

  • Roman Camp from Barbosi(Galati);
  • Traian's Wall (Vallum Traiani)(Galati) - ranked in the list of Historic Monuments, a monument similar to those in Western Europe, like the Wall of Hadrianus and Antoninus Pius's Wall (United Kingdom) entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List;
  • Geto-Dacian Fortress Piroboridava (Galati).

Last but not least, the International Singing Contest "Hariclea Darclée" is organised every two years in Braila, an event of great resonance in both Europe and worldwide, which in 2010 registered a record number of entries, candidates from 27 countries and 5 continents.



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